Program (book)

A digital version of the program book for lolaHESG 2020 will come soon. You will also receive a hardcopy of the program book at the start of the conference.

The papers that will be discussed during the conference will be uploaded to Surfdrive. As with every lolaHESG conference, the papers should be only used to prepare for the discussion during the conference, and should not be shared with third parties.
Keynote lecture by professor Stephanie von Hinke

Stephanie von Hinke is Professor of Economics at the University of Bristol, Professor of Health Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a Research Associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Her research interests are in health economics and applied micro-econometrics and her current research covers two main areas. First, the economics of obesity, diet and nutrition, looking at both potential causes and consequences of the recent rise in body weight, as well as at evaluating ways to improve dietary choices. Second, she examines the use of genetic data in economics research, including methodological aspects using Mendelian randomization, genetic and environmental determinants of health and education, and policy-relevant applications.

The keynote presentation will be about the use of observational data for causal inference, with particular attention to a relatively new body of work that incorporates genetic information in economics and social science research. Professor von Hinke will discuss research that aims to make causal inferences by exploiting data on individuals' genetic make-up, as well as research that incorporates genetic information to simply enrich research findings and examine potential treatment effect heterogeneity. She will argue that incorporating genetic information in (health) economics research is not only interesting from an academic perspective, but can also be valuable for policy makers.